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Advanced Halacha Class

Advanced Halacha Class


The Laws of Shabbos

The series will be broken up in to two segments.


1.       Zachor – Remember the Shabbos: Focusing on the laws relating to t

he rituals of Shabbos.For example: laws of lightning candles, laws of Kiddush/Havdalah, honoring the Shabbos, Shabbos meals etc.

2.       Shamor – Guard the Shabbos: Focusing on what is prohibited on Shabbos. We will explain and look at the practical applications of some of the 39 Melochot (the forbidden labors) of Shabbos.

Mondays, 8:00pm at Chabad Center, Metairie.

Instructor: Rabbi Mendel Ceitlin


Chabad's Renovated Library

The library has been cleaned up and organized and will be open as a Beit Medrash for people to come learn at any time of the day. There will be coffee and tea available. For wifi access please contact Rabbi Yossie or Rabbi Mendel.

"Less talk, more thought, and even more action"

Chassidic saying