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High Holiday Honors to be Auctioned!

As some might not be at the indoor services, you can submit a bid before the holiday at  or 504.957.4986.

 The following High Holiday Kibbudim-honors will be auctioned off in Shul this year.

Rosh Hashana 5781
Shofar will be blown only on Sunday the 2nd day of Rosh Hashana

Holding of the Torah scroll during Shofar:
This is the most ancient and highest honor that is purchased on Rosh Hashanah. One is considered an "emissary" of the congregation and partner with the Shofar Blower bringing down spiritual elevations from Above and concrete blessings for the New Year. .

    1)    Holding the first Torah during shofar blowing – Starting bid $1,000.00
    2)    Holding the second Torah during shofar blowing – Starting bid $770.00

Yom Kippur – 5781

    3)    Opening the ark for Kol Nidrei – Purchased last Simchat torah

Holding the Torah Scrolls during Kol Nidrei:
The Arizal teaches how according to Kabbalah it is very meritorious to take the Scrolls around the shul for everyone to experience up close.  By receiving this honor, you are part of the Bais Din, the Jewish court, together with the Chazzan and other Torah holder, dispensing forgiveness and blessings to the Jewish People.

    4)    Holding the first Torah during Kol Nidrei – Starting bid $1,000.00
    5)    Holding the second Torah during Kol Nidrei – Starting bid $770.00

Maftir Yonah
This is the most important Aliyah of the whole day. The story of Jonah teaches that sincere repentance can reverse even the harshest heavenly decrees. It is also a segulah-blessing for wealth. It is customary to bid high for Maftir Yonah as according to your investment, so does G‑d reward. In our Shul this honor comes with the opportunity to read the Haftorah many times during the year.

    6)    Reading the Haftorah of Yonah-Jonah on Yom Kipppur afternoon – Starting bid $1,200.00 

Opening the ark for Neilah
This is the fifth service of the day corresponding to the fifth and deepest dimension of the soul. This is our final chance, before the gates close to get our prayers in one final time. This is also the time that we are locked into G‑d’s inner chamber with only Him. You, who opens the ark, are the gate keeper. Our Sages tell us this is a segulah-blessing for long life!

    7)    Opening the ark for Neilah, the concluding service of Yom Kippur – Starting bid $1,200.
    8)    Opening the ark for Neilah, Closing service – Outdoor service in the tent – Starting bid $540.00