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The Men's Tefillin Club
Food for the body... Food for the soul 

Start the week off on a high! Join the guys to wrap Tefillin and recite Shema followed by a scrumptious breakfast 
and some
 Jewish schmoozing.

Meeting times:
Once a month on a Sunday morning
@ Chabad Jewish Center

Bring your own Tefillin or, if you don't own a pair, 
we have one waiting.

No prior experience needed!
Give it a try!

For more details 
email  [email protected] 
or call 347-351-6476


To learn more about Tefillin, Click here!


Tefillin. One of the most significant Mitzvot of the Torah. The daily laying of Tefillin has been observed and treasured for thousands of years, right down to the present day. This age old Mitzvah (Jewish tradition) has the capacity to stimulate one's individual intellectual strength and discipline while bolstering the dignity, prestige and security of the Jewish nation in Israel and around the world.

“Now look at your own self. You have a brain. It is in one world. Your heart is in another. And your hands often end up involved in something completely foreign to both of them. Three diverse machines.

“So you put on Tefillin. First thing in the day, you connect your head, your heart and your hand with these leather cables — all to work as one with one intent. And then when you go out to meet the world, all your actions find harmony in a single coordinated purpose.”